Saturday, December 18, 2010

San Francisco her we come=)

What a week! Easily the most tiring of them all so far, but totally worth is. The majority of the week was just MTC life as usual. (We sleep, eat, and study - everyday.)  But Tuesday...was (mostly) awesome! Elder Andrus, Soeur Woodruff and I had to fly to San Francisco to sign for out French visas as the consulate. Such a welcome break from the normal everyday schedule we've been living.

We had to be up by 4:30 am, hopped on the buses with all of the missionaries leaving for the field and drove up to the airport. We pulled into the airport around 6:30. Shortly after checking in, we met up with a future sister missionary who has been called to New Caledonia. Since she needed to sign her visa as well, church travel arranged for her to go with the three of us. As for Sister Latu...she's a flipping doll! Seriously, she is going to make the most amazing missionary!

Our flight was scheduled to take off at 8:30, but just about as soon as we found our gate and sat down, our flight was cancelled. Change of plans: our flight was rescheduled for 11:10. Only problem with that...our appointment at the consulate was at 11:30. But a few frantic phone calls later, we got our appointment moved to 2:00 in the afternoon. Sister Latu, Elder Andrus, and Soeur Woodruff weren't thrilled about the extra time we had to wait in the airport, but personally, I loved it! Were it not for that time, I wouldn't have been able to spend nearly as long on the phone with you two (mom and dad.)

Having taken multiple flights out of SLC, this wasn't that new of an experience, but I realized, I haven't done so during the day. The valley is dang gorgeous from 30,000 feet!

In San Francisco, we met up with out driver for the day: Edger. I love that man. He's adorable. It's a long story, so I'll have to send you a tape about all the details of our drive. He took us to the consulate, but they were still on their lunch break. So, following suit, we went to find somewhere to eat. After two weeks of MTC food, we were thrilled to be able to eat in the real world. Edgar pulled over near a whole bunch of different restaurants. Not really caring what we ate, we just went into the nearest one. It was this super cute bakery called "Pan de Mie." They had the most amazing sandwiches! When we went up to order, we couldn't help but notice the super strong French accent of the owner. So I asked him where he was from.  "Paris" What are the odds?! ha ha ha.

Oh and San Francisco, I am FULLY in love with! Mom, it's like New York's little sister, but way greener! I LOVE it. We are absolutely going to have to go at some point when I get home! No battle. And irrelevant though it may be, there are pelicans absolutely everywhere.

Once we took care of the visa situation, we stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge before heading back to the airport. How cool is that? I'm going on a mission to Paris, but I going to see the Golden Gate Bridge!  Egder was worried that we would be able to really see it due to the fog that had moved in. But, awesome sauce, the fog just made it cooler! (Did wonders for my hair though ha ha ha.)

Second flight of the day: San Francisco to Phoenix. Delayed by 30 minutes.

Third flight of the day: Phoenix to Salt Lake City, the one of all three flights that actually left on time.

We got back into SLC at 10:55. Our driver was about 20 minutes late. So...we finally got back to the MTC after midnight. Longest day of my life. ha ha ha =)

There are SO many more details about that trip I'll either record and send to you or just write you later today.

Other good news of the week: I saw Nate again and actually called him Elder Hansen! Improvement! ;)

Once again, I hate this 30 minute time limit. It's just crazy! So until next week...

Love you,