Saturday, December 11, 2010


As I mentioned last week in the email, I told you I was going to write a physical letter, which I did.  However, it took almost every spare minute I had at night all week long before they turned the lights out to finish it.  But the majority of my week is in that letter.  So to avoid being super repetitive, I'm not going to try and type all of it up too.  (You can't comprehend how stressful emailing can be until you have a giant red number in the top corner of your screen counting down the seconds you have left!=P)

However, I do have good news.  Last week (December 1-4) was pretty difficult to survive, but I did my best to not sound terrible in the e-mail I sent.  But this week...I really am okay!=)  Everyone kept telling us it would get better and because there is a God, it did! So Soeur Woodruff and I may actually be able to do this now!  Yay!

We even get a full P-Day today (compared to the half P-Day from last week).  So our district is going to the temple to do a session this afternoon.  Even more exciting than that, we made the decision to eat lunch in the cafeteria in the temple.  I can't even explain how excited we are for that.  Ha ha ha-the food here is pretty hard to stomach after about the first meal.  The one good thing it has brought about: we are all SUPER psyched to be able to cook our own food once we get out of her.  ha ha ha!

Sunda'ys around here are awesome.  Since it was fast Sunday this week, we had Mission Conference.  We went to our Zone Sacrament meeting and then an hour later all the missionaries in the MTC came together for what is essentially MTC Stake Conference.  The Spirit was incredible there! =] And then we got to watch a movie that night.  Totally the best day of the week. 

Tuesday night firesides are a close rival to the awesomeness of Sundays.  W. Craig Zwick of the Seventy and his wife spoke to us this week.  Wow!! They are amazing people.  I'll have to tell you more about them in the next letter I write.

Wednesday we or course, got all new missionaries.  I was thinking of Aubrey Kirkham and Nate Hansen, knowing they would both be reporting on the 8th, but knowing that Aubrey wouldn't be in Provo, I just assumed the same for Nate.  Happily I was wrong.=]  I ran into him in gym yesterday!  I flipping love that kid.  However, it was more than strange not to hug him and to call him Elder Hansen- kind of failed at that more than once.  Ha ha ha. 

This cute new sister who's going Armenian speaking, stuck with me through our whole gym time just venting her feelings about being here.  As hard as last week was for me, I'm glad it happened.  Had it not, I couldn't have honestly told her how much better it would get.

As I said, I don't want to get too repetitive, and while I'm sure I've forgotten about all kinds of stories to tell you, 30 minutes goes by crazy fast around here!  So, until next week (or whenever my letter shows up).