Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beautiful forest, but spiders?

I was a bit rushed last week (due to my own fault.) So practically the second we left the mission home I thought of loads I'd not told you about the week that I initially intended to. So this week I'm going to try to catch you back up to speed. So, as always ha ha, sorry in advance if it's a bit scattered.

One of our baptismal dates, Ann, and her husband came to church last week (the 14th.) It was her first real time being there. She had come once before with her husband, but they missed their first train. So they only made it for the last half hour of church. So, like with any one else, we just hope and pray it goes well. The first time there can make such a huge impression. Sitting in Relief Society on either side of her, both Sister Barros and I were just praying that she would feel the spirit of that lesson. The lesson was great, but it was on family history. Now I've found that sometimes amis, especially Africans, tend to come to church expecting to here nothing more discussed that Christ. So they can be a little surprised to see we discuss all kinds of different aspects of the gospel. Family history is majorly important and has eternal significance, but we just really didn't want her to see the lesson as just a logistical lesson full of statistics and websites. always...prayer works! When we talked to her a couple days later in our rendez-vous she would not stop talking about Relief Society. "It was all good, but the meeting that really hit me and touched me; touched my heart, was the lesson on family history." Cool, huh? Maybe just a coincidence, but we're counting it as prayers answered yet again.=)

really didn't want her to see the lesson as just a logistical lesson full of statistics and websites. always...prayer works! When we talked to her a couple days later in our rendez-vous she would not stop talking about relief society. "It was all good, but the meeting that really hit me and touched me; touched my heart, was the lesson on family history." Cool, huh? Maybe just a coincidence, but we're counting it as prayers answered yet again.=)

FYI fact of the day: Mick Jagger freaking lives in our area! Crazy right?! ha ha. Sister Barros and I contacted a guy last week who basically told us his life story. It really was kind of a sad contact. This guy is just SO lonely. He went running into his house and brought out pictures of his kids and grandkids and any time we told him that we needed to go, he'd bring up something else at random to stop us from leaving. We were honestly heart broken for him when we left. He was just so sweet and so so sad. Anyway, tangent over, in his rantings about life, he told us about Mick Jagger. Apparently he lives (or maybe not "lives" but at least owns a ch√Ęteau) near that man's sister. Ha ha, never know what you'll learn when you just go out talking to people at random!

Wednesday this week was such a packed day! We started out the morning taking a couple of hours from our P-day and got our hair cut by an American girl who is here as a nanny. She got her license just before moving to France a couple months ago. Oh my gosh. I missed bangs and not having split ends! Hair cuts are basically one of the most wonderful things in the entire world! After Wednesday I am thoroughly convinced of that fact! ;) If nothing else, change it wonderful.

After that we went to tract down a referral we'd gotten from the Salt Lake Temple visitor center. The little town it was located in  like a "U" looping around a forest. Our referral was pretty much a straight shot through the town from the gare to her home. Aka we had to cut straight through the forest. No problem, right? Forests are lovely and it was a lovely day. One problem: I hate spiders (surprise!) I don't really get it, but I have never seen so many spiders (big ones at that) in all my life as I have seen here. They are just everywhere right now! My spider spotting skills are getting so well toned it's ridiculous! Well, their population isn't exactly diminished in a forest. At on a rather skinny part of the trail I had Sister Barros walking in front of me. I'm SO glad I did. Out of nowhere she freaked out and stopped dead in her path. Directly in front of her was a massive spider sitting right in the middle of his web which completely covered our path from one side to the other. Umm...yeah...forests are lovely, but I was so happy to be out of that one!

On the way back to the gare we opted to take the bus rather than hike through the forest again. Best. Idea. Ever. We got to ride a short handicap bus that looked like it belonged on The Magic School bus 2.0!

On Tuesday our entire zone came out to Versailles, we went on splits and did contacting for an hour. I can't really explain it, but it was so neat. Even though Sister Perez and I were by ourselves, just like any other day for Sister Barros and myself, there's just something cool to know that you aren't the only ones there. There are other people united in the same cause as you and there, in a way, working side-by-side with you. Obviously, directly tying into our work as missionaries, but it kind of works for every member that way too. We're all asked to do the same things and work for the same goal. And no matter how hard or monotonous that may get, we can always know there are a whole lot of other people working right along with us. Like I said, hard to really put into words (and quickly at that -I've got to finish up fast here) but it was just a cool experience/"ah ha" moment.

I'm (as always) running short on time. But last couple thoughts really quickly: we got transfer news today and...Sister Barros and I are staying together in Versailles!!!! We are so super stoked!!! =) still have SO much I could tell you, but I just don't have time right now. Sister Barros and I did our exchange with Caen yesterday and I came up to Normandy to meet up with her this morning. Someone she's taught (and someone I taught with her on our exchange my third transfer) is getting baptized today. So we've got to run off to the church here pretty fast. SO...have a wonderful week. I love you!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Pink Umbrella =)

August 20, 2011

I forgot to tell you about it last week, when we went on that tour in Paris, our tour guide asked us to take a picture with him. William tried multiple people to try and get them to take a picture of us. No luck. After the first three he just turned to us and said, "Typical French." ha ha It was so nice to know that even Parisians have a hard time with that and it's not just us as missionaries that struggle to get people to be willing to take a picture ha ha. He asked for "funny" ideas from our group. The first idea was, "Um...we could like, sit down and pretend to be reading." We were all a bit lost on the humor of that one, but we did it anyway. And jumping at the chance to steal as much publicity as possible, we just happened to be reading the Book of Mormon. AND Sister Barros whipped out her pink umbrella to draw even more attention to the book. ha ha's posted on facebook now. So here's the link:

Great news! Ann, one of our baptismal dates, her daughter AND husband now want to get baptized too!  So they are a ways off, but we're looking at four baptisms in one month now! How cool is that?! =) And we LOVE families getting baptized together. Nothing gets better than that. =)

This week really has been pretty lovely. There's always the hiccups along the way, but overall, wonderful. We had zone conference on Tuesday. I just love zone conferences. You get so super charged afterwards to go out and be the world's best missionaries ha ha.

Oh my gosh. On Thursday we had a crazy day! Sister Moraga's companion finally made it to France. So we said goodbye to her in the morning and sent her off for the mission office to wait for Sister Johnson to arrive. And they  shipped out to Nantes. We then had a rendez-vous in the afternoon with Ann. Another a little bit later on the other side of our area with a new amis and then an hour later with Remy. Okay. So I know that doesn't sound crazy, but it SO was.  There was no way, with the trains and buses we'd need, that we'd be able to make it to everything. So we asked one of the office elders if we could borrow a car for the day. We got the approval. Initially we were pretty thrilled. We'd be able to accomplish otherwise impossible rendez-vous and pass-bys. So it seemed like a brilliant idea in the beginning. Oh my heck. I wanted to KILL that GPS. Driving was SO not fun that day. I thought we were going to die. Everything was going wrong. And just when I thought it couldn't get worse, I got pulled over. Imagine how much getting pulled over in America stresses me, but now it's in French. Panic mode! But this power happy cop pulled me over to tell me that I had cut him off (I promise you I didn't!) When he told us that Sister Barros and I both had that "Seriously?! You have got to be kidding!" moment in our heads. He told me then how turn signals work in France (seriously! I'm not retarded) And then told me that Americans are calm drivers and I need to go be an example to the French. Oh dear... As soon as I pulled back on the road, he pulled up on his little motorcycle to the car in front of me at a light and chewed them out too. After a very stressful driving day, I was SO not in love with cops like that. But, all is well. I didn't get a ticket (I didn't deserve one in the first place) and we made it to all of our rendez-vous! =) Happy day.

Today's been a bit of a weird P-day. We spent the morning in the chapel decorating for a wedding that happened at one this afternoon. We finished a bit after noon. The sister we were helping (our bishop's wife) was SO stressed. Listening to the guests filtering in talking about how tired they were and tried to figure out what they were going to eat for breakfast brought back so many memories. It doesn't matter where you go in the world, weddings always have their common theme. ha ha

After finishing that, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing tennis with the elders on the hottest afternoon we've had all month. But it was so fun all the same. I'm about out of time, but I'll have to tell you next time about our super hero project.

Sorry this email is so jumbled and short. I've been stealing music from the elders and it's cut in a bit. Sorry again. Have a wonderful week!

~Sister Jorgensen