Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kim with Sister Gantsolomon and Sister Gould.  They have been wonderful friends and a great support to Kim.

Our family  on November 30, 2010, the night Kim was set apart. The next few pictures were also taken right before Kim was set apart at the Stake Center and show those who were there to support Kim and be a part of this very special experience.

Our family with Ken and Grandpa and Grandma Bjork 

Kim with Sherry Hymas and Alan and Marilyn Manwill

The Stake Presidency (Presidents Stan Child, David Mendenhall, Lynn Morton) and Kimberly 

Kim with her cousin Alisha and her husband Chris

We're at the MTC just minutes before Kim is about to enter. 
We're trying to put on our best faces.

There's one proud dad with his daughter

It's come to that time.
 Good byes aren't easy that's for sure, but Kim's doing the right thing
at the right time and we're so grateful for her example.

The cute elders that are her escorts.

And there she goes.